Riders say “Cheese!” at Pioneer Courthouse Square

Rider photo shoot slideshowOkay, we knew y’all were smart and savvy, but we had no idea you were such a photogenic bunch!

Last month, we took a camera down to Pioneer Courthouse Square to capture pics of some TriMet fans. Dozens of riders stopped by to say hi (and say “Cheese!”). We met families, visitors, commuters, students and everyone in between, as they got on or off buses and trains downtown.

We had a blast, and we wanted to share some of our favorite mugs. Click on the graphic to start the slideshow.

We’ll be having another photo shoot soon, so stay tuned to find out when and where!

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Dave Whipple

I'm TriMet’s manager of marketing and rider communications. I oversee the agency's web and mobile initiatives and help build useful and usable online tools for riders. I also moonlight as a musician in my spare time.

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