Seen and Heard: fish on the MAX, opening doors and the TARDIS?

Pigeons on a water fountain downtown.
Featured image: as seen by @furiousjonny.

“Seen and Heard on TriMet” is a bi-weekly compilation of some of the funny, entertaining and uplifting content we see posted about our system every day.

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Here are some of the highlights from the last two weeks:


bird bath- drinking fountain- same thing #birds #bensonbubblers #downtown @ TriMet Skidmore Fountain MAX Station


Girl on the Max train / a live fish rides in her lap / Beta, in a bowl // #Pdxcommute #haiku #senryu


Adorable little girl just got on the bus&sat next to me. How she gets excited about riding the bus is what the inner me is like 😉 #trimet


A @BromptonBicycle & @trimet’s WES in black & white


I feel like a Time Lord! The new bus seats are TARDIS blue! Can we get the brakes to sound like a TARDIS, now? #TriMet


Portland sunrise #nofilter @ TriMet Quatama/NW 205th Ave MAX Station


As the bus comes the little girl in rainboots starts cheering, “14, 14, yay 14 is here!” So cute! @trimet


The contents of my coat pocket @trimet


It’s raining, I’m cold. Why do you tease me so? And then the door opened. Thanks @trimet.

Nancy D'Inzillo

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