Seen and Heard: LEGO MAX, transporcrastination, and Keller’s first train ride

MAX train made of LEGOs
As seen by @TeenaKP.

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Here are some of the highlights from the last two weeks:


Lego MAX train!


Gotta love #trimet ‘s breakdancing bus driver on line 8 at kibitz 🙂


Greetings from the max train.


Well-intentioned man opens chemistry book on his lap, uses it as a platform for iPhone he’s playing games on #transporcrastination #trimet


Trimet to the airport @ TriMet Mt Hood Ave MAX Station


I love how all the trimet bus drivers wave when they pass each other


Just a single rainbow. Much more impressive in person. @ TriMet Quatama/NW 205th Ave MAX Station


Just posted a photo @ Trimet Stop 1478


Headed to the waterfront on the MAX. Sunshine, room to run, and a train ride= dream Saturday for a toddler!


Keller, riding Max to the Zoo. His first train ride.


tulips in the bike bag (on the max) @ TriMet Goose Hollow/SW Jefferson St MAX Station

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