Seen and Heard: A ska punk concert, a proposal, and a pirate

Impromptu concert at a MAX stop in Downtown Portland.
As seen by @CarterRubin.

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Here are some of the highlights from the last few weeks:


A Portland MAX train cruises past an impromptu ska punk concert.


Cute! Mom & son get off. Mom says, “Thank you.” Son shouts, “THANK YOOOOU!” #TriMet Good job, Mom!


Us on the TRI MET for the first time. (: @ TriMet Cascades MAX Station


I saw a proposal on the @trimet MAX this afternoon. It was very sweet


Did you know that the Trimet bus symbol is a super adorable robot upside down?


Trimet popsicle @heshkill


#trimet What’s wrong with this photo? DC subway?!? Stumbled upon #leve @ TriMet Washington Park MAX Station


#trimet they had around 100 people on the platform and then walked on and off. Pretty funny. “actors please leave the train.”


Night out!! Gotta catch the train!! #nightlife #nightout #MAX #makeup #accessories #fun #drinks #dancing #ba


Just discovered TriMet’s cafepress store, and in it my new favorite carfree baby gift:


#[number]2908 @ TriMet Bus Line 9


a pirate just ran onto this MAX train and saluted the conductor. a real pirate. with a hat and sword belt.


#flashdance in #pioneersquare. I love this city. #PDX # @ TriMet Pioneer Courthouse/SW 6th Ave MAX Station

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