Why I Ride: Amanda-Jane

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Why I Ride - Amanda-Jane

Why I ride

I don’t own a car, and I work downtown. I’ve used the Line 6 for 11 years and more recently the Yellow MAX. My kids ride the bus to get to school and meet their friends. We use the MAX to get to New Seasons, Freddie’s and Ikea for shopping.

Everything I needed to teach my kids about life can pretty much be learned on TriMet. When something funny, cute, or odd happens, we always say, “You don’t see that in the back of a minivan.”

My favorite things to do while riding:

Read, people watch, make new friends, and grade students’ papers.

My insight for non-riders:

Use TriMet. People say it must take a long time, but I can work on TriMet or even do nothing for a minute or two—a very rare thing. I think riding TriMet instead of driving saves me time.

The thing I like best about living in the Portland area:

Portland’s collective character: community counts.

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