Seen and Heard: Dancing hands, “Don’t Stop Believing,” and a new bus sighting!

New TriMet bus
As seen by @timomio.

“Seen and Heard on TriMet” is a regular compilation of some of the funny, entertaining and uplifting content we see posted about our system every day.

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Here are some of the highlights from the last few weeks:


Far from home: just spotted this new @trimet bus on the way to Napa


#TriMet Bus rides = great Tweets! Check out this video I shot. Any thoughts on what he’s listening to?


Fifth grade boy in a tie, leaning on his daddy’s shoulder. So sweet. #trimet


on the MAX, going to the zoo to see our favorite local artist, k.d. @ TriMet Convention Center MAX Station


Portland Tri Met plays Opera at their train stops. Love it. #nowplaying Carmen.


Max train, mid winter, six pm… #Gogyohka #Trimet #PeopleOnaTrain


Todays @trimet train entertainment: singing & dancing to “don’t stop believing”


Hats on and we’re High Sierra bound!!! #HSMF @ TriMet NE 60th Ave MAX Station


A fella just got on 17 bus with a bike, infant strapped to his chest and a toddler (w/tiara & scepter). Impressive! #busmusings @trimet


Wall art #weird wall art @ TriMet Albina/Mississippi MAX Station


I love the art on this TriMet sign

There was also a great post submitted by Lynette on the Portland Oregon Daily Photo blog, “Seen from the TriMet 12 bus on the way home after work last Friday.”

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