Seen and Heard: A living statue, yoga, and a clown

Silver living statue on a bus.
As seen by @SuziSteffen

“Seen and Heard on TriMet” is a regular compilation of some of the funny, entertaining and uplifting content we see posted about our system every day.

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Here are some of the highlights from the last few weeks:


Oh HEY. Silver dude is ahead of me on the 19. #trimet #Portland #awesome


the gardens and the green and the roses, Trimet, the hills and the distant mountains, the tattoos, the dreams and hopes of the young.


Day 2! @ TriMet Cascades MAX Station


There’s a clown on this Max train #pdx


Getting fancy on the max. @marissahenslee @shelenedavis @ TriMet Beaverton Transit Center


Everyone is striking up conversations on @trimet today. The two on crutches have yet to fall in love but I’m scheming up ways to intervene.


Yoga at the bus stop… Why not? @ Trimet SW 5th & Columbia


Omg, there are French men sitting behind me on the bus. Accents! Swoooon. #trimet


In transit… @ TriMet Interstate/Rose Quarter MAX Station


Portland bus riders thank their driver before departing the bus. Where else does this happen? #trimet #ilovepdx


@trimet Nice tunnel ya got there. #RobertsonTunnel


Some guy just got off the bus dressed like tyrion lannister from game of thrones. Love ya Portland. 🙂 #trimet

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