Why I Ride: David L.

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Why I Ride - David L

Why I ride:

TriMet is an essential part of my life and work. As a self-employed freelancer, I have no regular work schedule, but I ride a bus, MAX or the Portland Streetcar nearly every day. I started riding TriMet buses as soon as I arrived in Portland, more than 21 years ago. Shortly after Portland Car Share was launched in 2001, my wife and I became members, and not long after that, we donated our own car to the Oregon Humane Society. We have not owned a vehicle since, so I use TriMet to get nearly everywhere I can’t go on my legs and Zipcar for trips out of the city or to less accessible neighborhoods in the suburbs.

“I started riding TriMet buses as soon as I arrived in Portland, more than 21 years ago.”

About me:

Aside from acting on stage and in video and film projects, I do a lot of reading aloud. I’ve read literature to live audiences at Portland libraries, bookstores (including Powell’s and Borders), and even Umpqua Bank. Now and then a stranger on board recognizes me from one of my stage performances or my brief appearance as a Reaper on “Grimm” and will talk to me about that.

Each month, usually on the First Monday, I do my own solo reading, called “Story Time for Grown-ups” at Grendel’s Coffee House. My wife and I ride the Line 6 bus across the river to get there, and when the Portland Streetcar starts up on the east side, we’ll have that option as well.

My favorite things to do while riding:

Read a book. People watch. Observe the city. Write down things I observe and that cross my mind.

An interesting story from riding TriMet:

Early in 2010 I encountered Oregonian cartoonist Jack Ohman on the Line 12 bus at the far east end of its run. It was late on a weeknight, and I was coming home from a rehearsal for “King Lear” at Mt. Hood Community College. I chatted with him all the way into downtown. He was observing the riders and ended up drawing me in a strip that appeared in the paper several days later.

The thing I like best about living in the Portland area:

The moderate yet variable weather, the beautiful natural setting, and the easy accessibility to the forest and rivers.

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