Seen and Heard: Shadow puppets, sliding doors, and sunsets

Hay Caramba!'s shadow-puppet show
As seen by Julie Keefe and John Klicker.

“Seen and Heard on TriMet” is a regular compilation of some of the funny, entertaining and uplifting content we see posted about our system every day.

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Here are some of the highlights from the last few weeks:

Hay Caramba! posted a slide show of photos from the surprise shadow-puppet show they performed at our bus stop at SE 20th & Belmont on September 23 as part of the Big Egg Project, funded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council. The goal of the Big Egg Project is to present Hay Caramba!’s 5-minute pop-up shadow-puppet show in unconventional places. You can see their next show Wednesday, September 26, at 7:30 p.m. at the bus shelter on the corner of NE 9th & Multnomah, near Stanford’s, outside the entrance to Lloyd Center Mall.

Autumn's first MAX ride
As seen by @TabathaYoast.


Autumns first max experience. @ TriMet Gateway/NE 99th Ave Transit Center


On the MAX train, in which my Fiance saw this and pointed out that.. It’s me. <3 #sign #precious #lookup #tr


My day made marginally better by a bus driver recognizing me and stopping to let me on. Thank you, Trimet!


@trimet @pdxcommute Guess what stop I was at when this was created! #max #trimet


This city, is my city, and I love it, yeah I love it @ TriMet Washington/SE 12th Ave MAX Station


Now, on TriMet vehicle número dos, I am sitting next to a heavily tattooed old man in a bowler hat. Because Portland is a wonderful place.


This sunset is awesome. On the bridge again. Division, westbound. @ Trimet Stop 1501


Can I have a sequin suit? #maxlife #portland #gresham #blueline #public #t @ TriMet E 162nd Ave MAX Station


Sunset highway inbound looks like a parking lot full of single-passenger cars. I waved at them as the train zipped past. #Trimet


Picture perfect @ TriMet Old Town/Chinatown MAX Station

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