Why I Ride: Marcia R.

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Why I Ride - Marcia R

Why I ride:

I had a brain tumor in 2005 and have been on disability payments ever since. Due to my small income, I cannot afford to have a car. Vocational Rehab gives me a bus pass for school and other activities.

I buy Youth Passes for my daughters (ages 11 and 15) to use when they visit me on the weekends. They are pros at riding TriMet, and they don’t mind the MAX and the bus. They were very excited when the Green Line opened, because it cuts an hour off their trip to Clackamas Town Center. They love going there and to Washington Square. They also like going to the Millikan Way MAX Station and walking over to the Century Theater or taking the Line 52 from Willow Creek up to Evergreen Regal Cinemas and to Five Guys to eat burgers and fries for dinner.

“Due to my small income, I cannot afford to have a car.”

My favorite things to do while riding:

People watch and listen to my MP3 player.

My advice to other riders:

Use TransitTracker to check on bus and MAX arrivals. It is usually right.

The thing I like best about living in the Portland area:

The fact that TriMet is almost everywhere!

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