Why I Ride: Allison G.

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Why I Ride - Allison G

My story

My fiancé and I found love thanks to TriMet!

We both worked near the Hall/Nimbus WES stop and would ride the same WES and MAX trains home every day from Beaverton to Downtown Portland. We saw each other every afternoon on the WES platform for several months but never spoke because we were both always wearing headphones.

“My fiancé and I found love thanks to TriMet!”

In December 2009, there was an unforecasted afternoon snowstorm, and the weather provided the perfect icebreaker (no pun intended) for some initial conversation as we shivered and waited for our WES train. After that, we started chatting every day on our WES/MAX commute home (which was about 40 minutes each day). Two weeks later we had our first date, and two years later we got engaged. We’re getting married July 2013. Proof that you can find love on TriMet!

Allison and her fiancéWhy I ride:

I ride TriMet because I don’t have a car (and don’t want or need a car), and neither does my fiancé. We live downtown and both work along the MAX lines (I work at the 82nd Ave stop, and he works at the Hall/Nimbus WES stop). Having TriMet allows me to save money on transportation while still getting me (almost) everywhere I need to go.
Though I no longer ride WES, I ride MAX primarily and sometimes Portland Streetcar or the bus.

My favorite things to do while riding:

Look out the window or listen to music. I wish I could read, but I get motion sick easily, so I can’t read and I always have to sit facing forward.

The thing I like best about living in the Portland area:

Honestly, the transportation options. Portland is one of the easiest cities to live in without having a car. I also like the Portland culture of sustainability and awareness for our environment.

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