Why I Ride: Diana G.

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Why I Ride - Diana G

About me:

I am a dental hygienist who loves to get out and enjoy the city life. I live in Beaverton. I used to twirl baton competitively and now perform or judge contests. I recently won a medal as the costume contest winner at the “Run Like Hell!” Half Marathon for my MAX Blue Line costume.

“I feel the best thing about Portland is that people are who they are and most people accept you for you!”

I have been doing this race for four years now and have won a costume prize at three out of the four. Last year, I dressed up as Lady Gaga and recreated her meat dress from felt. That was the first time I did not have my costume recognized. I realized most people were unaware of Lady Gaga and her meat dress from a few years back. Therefore, I decided I needed to come up with an idea this year that was Portland and something the community could relate to and identify.

I began throwing ideas around in my mind. I mentioned the idea to dress up as MAX Blue Line to friends of mine. Some wished me luck, and others told me I should be a maple-and-bacon doughnut from VooDoo Doughnut. Although being a doughnut was a great idea, someone had already used that idea.

Here are some photos of Diana—in and out of costume:

I do my best to think of new ideas and have a unique costume—and it most certainly will be homemade. I am not a seamstress at all, but I do what I can with the skills I have.

Why I ride:

It is a safe, inexpensive and convenient way to travel downtown, especially during high traffic hours. I love how you do not have to stress in traffic and actually feel you are getting somewhere other than sitting on Highway 26.

Other forms of transportation I use:

I occasionally use the trolley and tram when I hike the 4T trail, but mostly I just use the MAX to get to and from downtown. It’s really nice for sporting events! I’ve been using my car to get to work, because I was only five minutes from work, but I just switched jobs and feel I will be utilizing the MAX much more.

My favorite things to do while riding:

I enjoy listening to music, reading articles, and sometimes the mere pleasure of people watching … Portland has quite a diverse community.

My advice to other riders:

Use the TriMet Trip Planner when figuring out your schedule. It is very helpful for creating realistic times in your travel.

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