We’ve added to our team: more fare enforcers and a K-9 police unit

Checking for fare
Checking for fare

Six new fare enforcers have been added to our team, joining two others hired earlier this year, which brings the fare enforcement team to the full-time equivalent of 26. “We are always vigilant, looking for how we can improve security and increase the safety for our riders and operators,” said TriMet Safety and Security Executive Harry Saporta.

In July 2011, we shifted our focus from education to enforcement. That means riders caught without a fare will now get a citation instead of a warningeven first offenders. Inspectors no longer issue warnings. They will issue citations and exclusions (meaning the rider is prohibited from using the system for up to 90 days). The base fine for not having a valid fare is $175, but fines may go as high as $250.

From left to right: Sgt. James Simms and Rexo, Ofc. Chad Stoner and Snoopy, Ofc. John Blair and Mike, Ofc. Michael Kuenzli and Ice

In addition to adding fare enforcers, a new K-9 team has joined the TriMet Transit Police Division. Officer Chad Stoner and his canine counterpart Snoopy recently completed 10 weeks of training and received their certification from the Department of Homeland Security. Chad is a member of the Portland Police Bureau and Snoopy is a 2-year-old black Labrador retriever. We received a grant from the Transportation Security Administration to add this K-9 unit to our security team. This brings the Transit Police Division to 62 full-time officers.

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