Why I Ride: Laura B.

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Why I Ride - Laura B

Where I live:

In NE Portland.

Why I ride:

I ride TriMet everywhere! That is what I love about it. I can get out to school in Tigard, downtown or even IKEA if i’m feeling brave enough to juggle boxes of furniture! Since moving here from London last August, using TriMet every day has helped me learn my way around the city pretty quickly. I use the bus, MAX and Streetcar. I reckon TriMet could give Transport for London a run for it’s money! All that’s needed is a lick of red paint…

My favorite things to do while riding:

People-watching! I usually bring a book but more often than not get distracted by the interesting things going on around me.

The thing I like best about living in the Portland area:

The people.

“The thing I like best about living in Portland? The people.”

My advice:

Approach your journey with an open mind! You never know the people you could meet or the weird and wonderful things you may see. (I’ve found it helps to turn off my music and take the number 15 bus— it’s the friendliest around!)

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