Looking back: Do you remember Miss August Commuter 1961?

Another fun find from the archives is this vintage bus ad featuring Miss August Commuter 1961, Janet Zwick. In a campaign similar to New York’s “Miss Subways,” TriMet’s predecessor, Rose City Transit, showcased the photos and biographies of young, local women on buses throughout the Portland area. Women were chosen by the then-renowned modeling agent, John Robert Powers. His ideal was the girl next door, no “glamour gal types or hand-painted masterpieces.” Times have changed in the 52 years since this poster—you won’t see beauty pageant-type ads like this on today’s buses and trains.

Miss August Commuter - 1961
This poster of Janet Zwick appeared on buses throughout Portland in August 1961.

At the time Janet had a “penchant for pink and broiled grapefruit,” was an avid skier and swim instructor for the Red Cross, and was headed to the University of Oregon to study social services.

Do you remember these Miss Commuter ads? Do you remember Janet Zwick?

P.S. Anyone have good broiled grapefruit recipes to share?

Marisa Scheidegger

I'm TriMet's marketing communications coordinator. I write content for TriMet's web and social media, and customer-facing print materials. When I'm not working, I'm spending time with my husband and two incredibly bright and funny kids.

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