Looking back: Groovy TriMet advertisements from the 1970s

Who can remember the cool Schoolhouse Rock! illustrations and the catchy tunes, “Three is a Magic Number”, “I’m Just a Bill”, “Interjections” and “Conjunction Junction”? Following the vibe of the 70s, TriMet print ads and brochures were in hues of tomato orange, star-burst yellow and avocado green with silly, cartoon-esque graphics. Check them out below:

TriMet goes to the beach 1974
TriMet goes to Jantzen Beach
Take TriMet to lunch
Take TriMet to lunch envelope
Student pass apps 1975
Student pass application ad
Line 79 is your bus envelope
Line 79 is your bus envelope
Going Places envelope
Going Places Packet envelope
Basic bus riding
Basic Bus Riding brochure
A okay
Riding TriMet is a-okay brochure

We think these these old ads and brochures are just dandy. What do you think?

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Marisa Scheidegger

I'm TriMet's marketing communications coordinator. I write content for TriMet's web and social media, and customer-facing print materials. When I'm not working, I'm spending time with my husband and two incredibly bright and funny kids.

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