From the archives: Jerry the TriMet Rider TV commercial and behind-the-scenes Jerry photos

In the late ’90s, Jerry the TriMet Rider made his television debut in a stop-motion commercial directed by local animator Cameron Gray. It follows Jerry onto a bus, where he notices the air conditioning and frequent service (new concepts at the time), and dreams of the day when he can take the MAX Red Line to the Portland Airport for a vacation to the tropics. It’s silly and fun—check it out!

And, when searching around, we found some behind-the-scenes photos of Jerry. He looks like a fun guy to hang around. What do you think?

Hi! I'm Jerry!
Hi! I’m Jerry!
Jerry and baseball
What a playful guy!
Dreamboat Jerry
Flowers and groceries—the perfect man.
Jerry and dog
Man’s best friend.
Shopping cart Jerry
Gone shopping.

Do you remember Jerry the TriMet Rider?

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