Why I Ride: Mike B.

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Why I Ride - Mike B

Where I live:

In Portland.

Why I ride:

About a year ago, I decided to live a car-free life. TriMet gets me where I’m going, and I never have to search or pay for parking.

“The best thing about living in Portland is the awesome array of craft beer.”

What modes I use:

I ride the Red Line MAX train from Parkrose/Sumner in East Portland to Old Town/China Town nearly every day. I also ride my bike, and it is often with me on the train.

My insight for non-riders:

I have been surprised by how little I miss owning a car.

My favorite things to do while riding:

I like to keep tabs on my social media friends during my rides into and out of downtown. Once in Old Town, I often walk the last 30 minutes to my job in Northwest. I take pictures with my phone along the way and post them to Instagram, Flickr and Facebook. It gives my friends and family a chance to experience what I see every morning. It’s a creative way to stay connected.

The thing I like best about living in the Portland area:

I think the best thing about living in Portland is the awesome array of craft beer. So many pints, so little time…



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Jennette Zarko

Jennette Zarko

I'm TriMet's Web and Social Media Communications Coordinator. I help develop and maintain TriMet's web and social media content. My family uses a combination of carpooling, Portland Streetcar, biking and riding Line 38 to get to work and school. It’s just how I like it - a little different every day! You can also occasionally catch me performing around Portland with various improv groups.

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