Why I Ride: Bill C.

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Why I Ride - Bill C

Where I live:


Why I ride:

TriMet has made it possible for me to hike in areas all around the Metro area, including all the trails in Forest Park. This has greatly helped me regain my physical and mental health.

What modes I use:

MAX, Bus, Streetcar, Rental Car

“This has greatly helped me regain my physical and mental health.”

My favorite things to do while riding:

Go hiking

The thing I like best about living in the Portland area:

The great flexibility in activities, even if you are elderly and/or disabled.

My story:

I am 66 years old and my health had deteriorated to the point where I could not even walk two city blocks without bending over to rest my hands on my knees to relieve back pain. Since beginning a walking routine, I have walked as much as 21 miles in a single day.

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Jennette Zarko

Jennette Zarko

I'm TriMet's Web and Social Media Communications Coordinator. I help develop and maintain TriMet's web and social media content. My family uses a combination of carpooling, Portland Streetcar, biking and riding Line 38 to get to work and school. It’s just how I like it - a little different every day! You can also occasionally catch me performing around Portland with various improv groups.

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