I-205 bike/ped path undercrossing at Division Street improves transit access

Jeff Owen riding on the new I-205 bike/ped path undercrossing at Division Street
Me trying out the new undercrossing below SE Division Street on the I-205 multi-use path. (I approve!)

Like many Portland-area residents, I enjoy riding on the many bike paths and trails around town, for fun and for commuting or connecting with buses and trains.

Now, thanks to a partnership between TriMet and the Oregon Department of Transportation, one of the most popular paths—the I-205 multi-use path—is even safer for cyclists and pedestrians. (The I-205 path runs 16.5 miles from the Clackamas River in Gladstone north to Vancouver, linking five cities and 10 different neighborhoods.)

Line 4 bus stop at Division
The new undercrossing at Division Street makes for easy transit connections between Line 4-Division and the MAX Green Line station.

Recently, I was among a group celebrating with ODOT as it opened the I-205 path’s new undercrossing below SE Division Street. The undercrossing is faster and safer for cyclists and pedestrians traveling north-south, and it makes for easy transit connections between Line 4-Division and the MAX Green Line station.

The undercrossing is one of many upgrades made to the I-205 path over the last few years. In 2010-11, TriMet and ODOT partnered to add lighting along portions of the corridor between Lents and Gladstone. During the construction of the MAX Green Line, we built a new elevated crossing over Foster and Woodstock, improved bus connections and crossings, added direct access and bike parking at every MAX station, and widened the path at several locations.

Recently, we collaborated with the City of Portland to install an enhanced crossing with flashing beacons and audible warning for pedestrians where the path crosses SE Division (just east of SE 92nd Avenue). This is particularly helpful for transit riders making connections between the Line 4-Division and MAX.

The I-205 path is an excellent example of how pedestrian and bike access can improve the transit experience. Whether you are walking or cycling to the bus or MAX, you need safe crossings!

Regional partnerships like the ones that are improving the I-205 path are vital in our effort to build a better transit system. Here’s to looking forward to more great alliances in the future, to improve our communities and our region.

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Jeff Owen

Jeff Owen

I’m TriMet’s active transportation planner. I work with our regional partners to improve conditions for combining transit trips with walking and biking, including sidewalks, crossings, trails, bikeways, and bike parking. Away from work, I can be found walking, riding my bike, hiking or cheering in the Timbers Army.

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