Why I Ride: Tara C.

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Why I Ride - Tara

Where do you live?

Downtown Portland

Why do you ride TriMet?

I am a huge advocate of living a healthy sustainable lifestyle and am thrilled to be able to teach my twin 3 year old boys the importance of healthy, economical, and sustainable living. Our morning starts with a short ride on our Razor scooters to the JELD-WEN platform. We change trains at Pioneer Square, then ride up to North Portland, where we continue our scooter ride 4 blocks to their preschool. I then pack their scooters onto my back and continue across the freeway to work. It is by far faster to drive, but I don’t get the quality teaching opportunities with my boys, socialization with so many diverse patrons, nor the fantastic smiling faces of people watching us scooter around…they do look pretty adorable and the scooters help me to get them quickly to the next location.

Tara C's kids ride their scooters
Tara’s boys ride their scooters to school.

Ironically, the first phrase out of their mouth in the morning when their eyes open is, “Do we get to ride our scooters?”

At each stop there is the suspense of which train will come around the corner…the zoo train, the fast train, the one with steps…the whole trip is always a surprise for them.

The bonus is I work for a company that always focuses on sustainability in their building practices and design, and also encourages their employees to live this way by offering incentives like providing a TriMet pass to employees who will commute at least 4 days a week by public transportation as well as a Zipcar membership. So for, me it just makes sense in so many ways….and for my family…that’s “How We Roll!”

Which modes do you use?

Mostly we use the MAX, but around town we will also use the Portland Streetcar…but always…we bring the scooters.

What are your favorite things to do while riding TriMet?

Play “I Spy.”

Tara C's boys take a snack break
I spy…a snack break!

My insight:

Most people think that it is too much hassle to use public transportation and have got caught up with the “need” of having to have their car with them for the “just in case” scenario. Slowing your life down just a bit really helps to focus on living in the greater space around you, rather than the space within your car. The attitude of my day is greatly enhanced when I ride public transportation. Instead of sitting in traffic and dodging aggressive texting drivers, I can read a book, network, chat with a stranger, teach my children and move my body. If I miss the MAX it just gives me 10 extra minutes to catch my breath, be outside and be aware of what is going on around me…it gives me a “roll with it” attitude.

What do you think is the best thing about living in the Portland area?

Definitely the people! It is such a great mixed bag of diversity.

Is there anything you’d like to share about yourself?

Besides playing at a lot of playgrounds with the boys, I also race cyclecross, which has completely changed this Southern Californian’s attitude toward the wet winters of Oregon.

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Jennette Zarko

Jennette Zarko

I'm TriMet's Web and Social Media Communications Coordinator. I help develop and maintain TriMet's web and social media content. My family uses a combination of carpooling, Portland Streetcar, biking and riding Line 38 to get to work and school. It’s just how I like it - a little different every day! You can also occasionally catch me performing around Portland with various improv groups.

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