Access to transit is important to two local eateries in Southeast Portland

Becky Doggett
Becky Doggett

Becky Doggett and her husband, Scott Krombein, own two successful restaurants in Southeast Portland, Ford Food and Drink and Detour Café, both of which are served by Frequent Service Bus Line 4-Division/Fessenden.

“We specifically chose these locations because of their access to transit,” says Doggett. “These are neighborhoods have limited street parking, so good transit is essential. Half of our employees also take transit to work, the other half either bikes or walks. Only a few drive.”

Ford Food and Drink

Ford Food and Drink is situated at the corner of SE 11th & Division and is part of the historic Ford Building, which was built in 1915. A spacious coffee house with comfortable seating and huge tables, Ford Food and Drink is known for its homemade desserts and pastries.“Scott was the head baker at Pazzo Restaurant, Bar and Bakery downtown and now makes all our pastries and breads,” Becky says. “They are worth the visit.”

Ford Food and Drink also recently added a full bar to its offerings, has beer on tap and as a result now is bustling from early mornings through evening. Doggett is building an evening crowd with events and entertainment, including live music every Friday.

“We specifically chose these locations because of their access to transit,” says Doggett.

Ford employee Hannah Mizer moved here in December 2012 from San Diego and became car free. She has worked at Ford for the last seven months and takes great pride in her employer. “Ford Food and Drink has the best vegan brownies and the baristas are well trained in Stumptown and know how to make the perfect coffee—tasty and strong,” says Hannah.

Ford can be reached by Line 4 and Line 70-12th/NE 33rd Ave and is within walking distance of the future Clinton/SE 12th Ave MAX Station, which will open with the MAX Orange Line in September 2015.

Detour Café

Detour Cafe
Detour Cafe

Detour Café is a cozy breakfast and lunch place that caters to the neighborhood with choices like the Division Street Farmer’s Breakfast with organic potatoes, blanched kale with toasted seeds, homemade bread, choice of meat/faux meat, and an egg. It also has housemade granola, a variety of sandwich options made on their own focaccia bread, frittatas and bagels. The menu is befitting of Portland, which loves a great brunch. Detour also offers self-service Stumptown coffee and its own chai. Needless to say, lines of waiting customers are common on weekends.

Ford Food and Drink and Detour Café are easy destinations for Southeast Portland transit riders. Learn more about and

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