Why I Ride: Jana G.

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Why I Ride - Jana

Where do you live?


Why do you ride TriMet?

TriMet is amazing. My husband and I moved from Florida last January where we dealt with bad sprawl, terrible traffic, and NO public transportation. I have spent a lot of time on mass transit in other cities and TriMet has by far the nicest, most caring people working there.

I began commuting to work on the Blue Line from Orenco all the way to NE 82nd back in August after fighting the traffic for 6 months. It has been a literal life-changing experience! The time it takes is pretty much the same as driving – maybe a few extra minutes, but worth it. I can do whatever I want in the morning: read, catch up with personal emails, Facebook, or Twitter, or just relax.

My employer agreed to let me do an afternoon “working commute” meaning I spend the last hour of my workday actually working ON the train (using my personal mobile hotspot)!

I get an extra hour at home in the evenings with my husband now and we can get by with one car. My employer even offers a fantastic incentive for using public transit, and I feel great about doing my part for the environment. My husband and I use the MAX a lot on the weekends to go to downtown Portland or Hillsboro for dinner and drinks, or whatever else captures our interest. We love TriMet and the MAX!

Which modes do you use?

MAX and Streetcar. We drive but only when we have to.

What are your favorite things to do while riding TriMet?

Read, social networking, work.

My insight:

Occasionally people forget basic etiquette when listening to music. People should invest in better headphones! I find it crazy if I can hear your music from the other end of MAX car! But it’s really more amusing to me than an issue.

What do you think is the best thing about living in the Portland area?

How nice people are to each other.

Is there anything you’d like to share about yourself?

I love Dave Matthews Band and Twitter!

Jennette Zarko

Jennette Zarko

I'm TriMet's Web and Social Media Communications Coordinator. I help develop and maintain TriMet's web and social media content. My family uses a combination of carpooling, Portland Streetcar, biking and riding Line 38 to get to work and school. It’s just how I like it - a little different every day! You can also occasionally catch me performing around Portland with various improv groups.

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