How going green improves more than just your commute

We make going green so easy, you might not even notice the benefits beyond being Earth-friendly. Try it and you’ll likely find it’s the better choice for your wallet and your health, too.

We make it as simple as possible to use our system, which may be why 78% of our riders choose TriMet over driving. Beyond the convenience of multiple modes—bus, MAX and WES—tools like the Trip Planner and real-time TransitTracker data help you find the right route, down to the minute. And, as more than 100,000 users will attest, our TriMet Tickets app makes it easy to buy a fare anytime, anywhere using your smartphone.


So where does the green part come in? When you ride the bus, MAX or WES Commuter Rail, you’re helping reduce emissions and easing congestion. For each mile taken on TriMet, 59% less carbon is emitted compared to driving alone. Plus, the Westside MAX can carry about 2.5 lanes worth of traffic on Sunset Highway, so both the Earth and drivers sitting in traffic thank you!

And after 100 million trips a year, we know our riders are getting something out of this, too:

  • Instead of paying for parking and gas every day, our riders get to spend it on something else, like gardening supplies or a nice lunch. According to the American Public Transportation Association, those savings could be up to $985 a month!
  • In addition to monetary savings, you get to preserve some peace of mind when riding with us. While others may sit in traffic for an estimated 44 hours a year, you can spend that time answering emails, reading a book or simply taking some well deserved “me” time.
  • Also, that extra walk to the bus stop gives you a few more minutes of daily exercise. Or feel free to ride your bike to a stop to get in a bit of exercise (we’re bike-friendly)!

So, next time you consider how you can make an additional green choice in your life, consider rolling with TriMet. We’re excited to see you aboard!

Stefania Hajnosz

I’m TriMet’s marketing and outreach intern. I help with miscellaneous writing projects and market research. I ride the bus most days and can be found exploring the city in my free time.

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