2015 Summer Events Guide: Street Fairs

Summer might be the Northwest’s best-kept secret. In this series, we’ll share our top recommendations for events and activities that you won’t need a car to enjoy.

Alberta Street Fair

August 8 on NE Alberta Street

Photo: Alberta Main Street Facebook
Photo: Alberta Main Street Facebook

Three hundred vendors will line this iconic Northeast Portland street at the heart of the Alberta Arts District, welcoming you to an afternoon of food, art, entertainment and activities. And not just any activities: 3 v 3 Street Soccer goes down at 11 a.m., and Portland Bike Polo plays at 4 p.m.

And, since this is a fair in Portland, there are two beer gardens on the street: one open until late at 11th Avenue and one with wine, too, at 29th Avenue.

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Celebrate Hillsboro

August 8 in Downtown Hillsboro

Photo: City of Hillsboro Flickr
Photo: City of Hillsboro Flickr

More than a street fair, this is an event that showcases an entire city. Still, it’s got a block-party vibe, as it’s put on for Hillsboroans by Hillsboroans. (While Hillsboroans doesn’t sound quite right, is the official demonym for the city’s residents—although the people seem to prefer Hillsboroite.)

The city’s official Top 11 Reasons to Celebrate Hillsboro list includes live music, a sustainability village and magic shows. The number one reason? You could win an Apple Watch when you cast your vote in the first-ever Best of Hillsboro Awards.

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Jade Night Market

August 15 & 22 at PCC Southeast Campus

Photo: APANO

The goal of the Jade Night Market, now in its second year, is to surface and celebrate the community centered around SE 82nd Avenue & Division Street. The district, so called for its blend of Asian influences, has a vision to become a center of art, entertainment and cuisine by 2018. If the success of last year’s Night Market is any indication, it’s well on its way.

This year’s Night Market is focused on two Saturdays in August, each featuring 80 vendors, plenty of performances, a Portland Brewing beer garden and an expected crowd of over 20,000. Market-goers young and old will have their pick of several ethnic cuisines, and the chance to see everything from Chinese yoyo-ing to Bollywood dancing to a set from The Slants, a self-described “Chinatown rock” band.

About that beer garden: Portland Brewing has made a limited edition Night Market Special Lager spiced with lemongrass, kaffir lime and ginger.

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Southeast Portland Sunday Parkways

August 23 in Inner Southeast Portland

Photo: Michael Andersen on Flickr
Photo: Michael Andersen/Portland Afoot on Flickr

Think of this as a fair that celebrates many streets. Walk, ride, scoot or stroll from park to park in Inner Southeast Portland, without vehicle traffic.

Some highlights along the way:

  • Disc golf, a bike skills track, slack lines and all-day Zumba classes at Colonel Summers Park
  • Live music, Circus Cascadia, Shakespeare and a slip-n-slide at Laurelhurst Park
  • A bouncy house, music and dancing at Sewallcrest Park

Plus, keep an eye out for the roving Umpqua Bank ice cream truck.

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