You asked: Why is the bridge still closed?

During the People’s Preview, many of you asked why Tilikum Crossing won’t be open for another month. Truth is, we’re almost done—We’ve just got a few things to finish in the next 30 days to ensure the bridge is safe and ready for use!

  • We have safety improvements to complete along the bicycle and pedestrian pathways on the bridge, like striping—our word for painting—a line to clearly define where the bike lane is.
  • There are also some areas on the pathways that need additional concrete work.
  • We still have interpretive signs to install at the belvederes (the extra space on the bridge that juts out).
  • Our Fireworks Spectacular event on August 22 will require us to close the pathways for about four days.
  • Lastly, we’re continuing to train our operators on the new MAX Orange Line for the next month. On August 30 we’ll begin “simulated service”—which means trains will be running on their actual schedules, but without riders.

We can’t wait for Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People, to open—but the wait is definitely worth it! In the meantime, feed your anticipation at one of our “Catch the Orange” events or stay in the loop with email updates.

Jessica Ridgway

Jessica Ridgway

I'm TriMet's Web and Social Media Coordinator. I develop content for our website and social media channels. I'm a daily MAX rider and an adopted Oregonian.

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