Catch the Orange Art!

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to ride the new MAX Orange Line, but have you checked out the Orange Line public art? With 25 artworks, including over 200 individual elements, there’s plenty to explore! While most of the artwork is easily spotted, some of the pieces may take a little more effort to discover.  All of the artwork was created by 26 artists specifically for the 7.3-mile Orange Line.

For those of you who are interested in learning more, we’ve created a comprehensive MAX Orange Line Public Art Guide.

You must have heard about the colorful aesthetic lighting at night on Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People, which corresponds to the conditions of the Willamette River. Did you also know that Kerf, the massive earth-cast sculptures at the SE Tacoma St/Johnson Creek MAX Station, were created right in the ground near where they currently stand? Or that the poems stamped in new concrete sidewalks adjacent to all of the stations could have been written by your neighbor?

Do you know how many sculptures along the Trolley Trail, near the SE Park Ave Station, are made from the trees that were removed to build that portion of the trail? What do you think might have inspired the artist to create movement in her glass painting of Crystal Springs at the SE Bybee Station?

(Courtesy: Todd Trigsted)

These and lots of other fun facts can be found in the Art Guide. We’ve also created a MAX Orange Line Art Brochure that provides a quick reference. Print copies of both are available at the Pioneer Square Ticket office or by request to

Of course, there’s no substitute for experiencing art in person! We hope you will ride the MAX Orange Line to catch the incredible variety of artwork firsthand and learn more about our community along the way.

Michelle Traver

Michelle Traver

As TriMet’s Public Art Administrator, I commission original artwork for our transit system to create connections to the communities we serve and celebrate our shared humanity. I’ve been a TriMetian for over 10 years!

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