Tour Local Coffee Roasters by Transit

Last week, we asked our Facebook followers to tag a friend they’d like to get coffee with for a chance to win Barista beans and gift cards.

The response did more than reaffirm how much people love coffee. It showed how coffee plays a huge role in creating community — Portland is renown for its coffee culture, and there’s no doubt the abundance of coffee shops have helped shape nearly every neighborhood in the city.

To illustrate just how vibrant the scene is, we put together a map of local roasters — more than just cafés, these dedicated spots take coffee all the way from raw beans to brew. Conveniently, and perhaps unsurprisingly, every roaster’s café is accessible by transit. And with 47 roasters making the list (let us know if we forgot any), you’re not likely to run out of new spots to try any time soon.

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Brian Lum

Brian Lum

I'm TriMet's Web & Social Media Coordinator. I'm here to help tell our story, and to share the interesting things I find along the way. When I'm not here, you'll find me out riding my bike and taking pictures.

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