Instagram Roundup: December

As you could have guessed, we saw lots of snow this month. But before we get to that, take a look at what Portland indie rockers Helio Sequence shared at the beginning of the month:

This brought tears to my eyes. Larry on the left is the driver of the @ridetrimet Trimet Line 4 bus that I take to the studio. Every morning as people enter the bus he greets them with a genuine smile and “hello” and wishes every single person a good day on the way out. He chats with his “regulars” and strikes up conversations with new riders. I always love seeing Larry and talking with him and am amazed how he the consistently gives energy to those around him. His kindness and openness to all gives me perspective each day and what I saw from him today was really beautiful. This morning he stopped on Division at a bus stop that had not been requested. At first I was confused and I wondered what was going on when I saw him reach into his bag and take out his lunch. He stepped out of the bus and gave his food to a homeless man who was near the stop wishing him well and then hopped back in the driver seat and carried on. To see such an act of unprompted true kindness was really profound. Larry surely deserves the driver of the year award and beyond that I hope he knows the deep effect his simple but strong acts of kindness have on those around him. I learned yesterday that soon he’ll be switching to an earlier time schedule and I won’t see him in the mornings any longer. Larry…I’ll miss you…I hope we run into each other soon. Thank you for all that you give to everyone! #trimet #driveroftheyear #publictransit #kindness #thankyou #portland #lovewins

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Awesome, right? We love seeing notes like that.

And now for the snow:

#unionstationportland #theportlandway #portlandnw #portlandoregon #portlandpdx #pnwonderland #northwestisbest #snow

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Trees and Transit on this edition of “That’s So Portland”. #theonlyedition #Portland #downtownpdx #pioneersquare

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