January on Instagram: One of the Internet’s Most Famous Cats Checks In

Turns out a foot of snow overnight wasn’t the only remarkable thing we saw this month. Meet Albert Baby Cat (if you haven’t already), fashion icon, Instagram celebrity and finalist on America’s Next Cat Star. A couple weeks ago, Albert hopped in a BIKETOWN basket and hitched a ride to Tilikum Crossing, where he watched the trains go by.

Albert watching the train go by. πŸ“· Photo by: @catmapper

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OK, now onto the snow. This was the fourth snow of the season, but it was unlike anything we’ve seen in years. If nothing else, it made for some great photos.

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Let it snow. #snowday #Portland #midnight

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Icy no problem in going home early to stay warm and escape this storm. β„οΈπŸšŽπŸŒ§

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The unofficial Hop mascot for the month:

There were inspiring sights on the dry days, too. (Plus Darth Vader, because Portland.)

Sunrise over the morning commute.

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smooth is fast.

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Stepped on my bus tonight and met Darth Vader and his body guard. No biggie.

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We’ll see you in February β€” as always, tag @ridetrimet and #GoByTransit to share your ride!

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