Congratulating the 2017 Operators of the Year

We honored the best of the best bus and MAX operators at the Operator of the Year ceremony in southeast Portland.

Celina K., Doug T. and Loyce R. were chosen from among the recipients of quarterly and monthly excellence awards handed out over the past year. This meant that each candidate had maintained an outstanding driving record, high levels of customer service, good attendance and the support of their peers.

Bus Operator of the Year

Celina K., left, is the 2017 Bus Operator of the Year

Celina K. began her career at TriMet in 2013. She’s now a lead operator, and she recently earned her fourth superior performance award (drivers receive these each time they drive for 1,960 hours without any preventable accidents, warnings, reprimands or suspensions). Celina’s riders have commended her for excellent service, professional attitude, kindness and her willingness to go out of her way to be helpful.

“I love people and I love driving,” said Celina. “I like that every day is different from the next, even if I am on the same route. There is always a new obstacle so it prompts you to stay alert for the unexpected.”

Celina lives in Gresham, and in her free time she enjoys fishing and accompanying her daughter to cheer competitions.

MAX Operator of the Year

Doug T., left, is the 2017 MAX Operator of the Year

Doug T. started driving TriMet buses 19 years ago. In 2001, he transferred to MAX. Among the accolades he’s received throughout his career are an impressive 27 Safe Driving awards from the National Safety Council, earned over many years with zero preventable accidents. He’s also received over a dozen Superior Performance awards and numerous commendations from the public.

Doug enjoys driving because of the riders — especially the kids who wave to him and signal to blow the horn. “I had a five-year-old on my Red Line train dressed as a rail conductor,” he recalled. “When we got to the airport I gave him a tour of my cab and let him honk the horn and ring the bell. The look on his face was priceless!”

When not at work, Doug likes golfing, going on walks, traveling the world and spending time with his wife, Luanne.

Mini-Run Operator of the Year

Loyce R. is the 2017 Mini-Run Operator of the Year

Mini-run, or part-time, operator Loyce R. began driving for TriMet five years ago. She has earned three Safe Driving Awards during her time behind the wheel (and she’s on her way to a fourth). She credits her career choice to her father-in-law, also a bus operator, who didn’t sugar-coat the work. According to Loyce, “He took me for a ride-along on the 72 line and asked, ‘Do you really want to do this?’”

Loyce admits that getting used to operating the bus was daunting, but now finds driving relaxing. She especially likes returning to lines she has previously driven and having passengers say they are glad she is back.

Loyce lives in Aloha, and loves golfing, fishing and game days with the family.

Congratulations to our 2017 Operators of the Year!